Hatchling Prototype
Prototype for pet sim / tamagotchi style game. Solo project, responsible for all aspects.
Solo project, developing a small prototype for a tamagotchi/pet simulation style game in which the player raises and cares for an evolving creature. I was responsible for all aspects, including 3D asset creation, 2D asset and GUI creation, scripting (C#), design and asset integration into Unity 5. Software I utilised for these tasks included Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, 3DCoat, After Effects, Topogun and Zwoptex.
The game used both 2D and 3D art assets. The animations for the eggs and creatures are made up of 2D sprites, rendered originally from 3D. Their 3D models were animated with consideration to how each frame would translate into its final low resolution image. The 3D animations were then rendered out to low resolution pixel-style sprites, which were cleaned up by hand. (Please click images to view animated GIFs.)
GUI and effects were drawn by hand (Photoshop) and animated (After Effects).
Animated GUI such as the win food/gem sprites were rendered out as individual frames for the sprite sheets. The devlog at contains notes on how I approached each step of the pipeline and problem-solved throughout development.
3D Artist, Rigger, Animator - Artist