Harmony AI
Harmony’s concept derives from a previous software developed by NextOS, named Virtual Assistant Denise.
NextOS started the development of Harmony AI in a venture with Realbotix with the purpose to create a virtual persona with improved conversational skills and other features aiming to simulate a friend. Looking to exceed expectations and transcend from the virtual world to reality NextOS, Matt McMullen, creator of Realdolls and Daxtron Labs, a company with wide experience in Robotics and AI, joint their expertise under the Realbotix Company in a long-term project to create the first human realistic robot.
Harmony was the first step of this project. This application was developed to become the brain of the machine and as such, it is expected to be able to: (i) efficiently execute a series of complex activities in mobile devices, (ii) remotely control mechanical parts, (iii) analyse sensors and, above all, (iv) to deliver a fluent conversation while entertaining its users in a unique manner.
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