Harlem Globetrotters Trick Shots
Updated a year ago
Android; iOS; Tizen
Trick Shots appears at first to be a simple shoot-the-hoops game, but soon you find each of the 40 levels has been fine tuned so you have to bounce the ball off just the right point on a wall, use fans to blow the ball to just the right place to hit a switch, or precisely time your shot to avoid a moving obstacle.

We partnered with First Post Studios, who provided the design layouts and quite unique graphical style, to initially produce the game for iOS and Android. We then worked with Samsung, to create a special version using their S-Pen, and later develop a new version using html5 to form a launch game for their Tizen platform.
Mark Ripley
Founder / CEO - Executive
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; Tizen