Hardlight SDK
The Hardlight SDK is a Unity & Unreal collection of tools for adding haptics to existing VR experiences.

Hardlight SDK Contents

  • Haptics Explorer
  • Haptic Visualizer
  • Impulse System
  • Haptic Spherecast
  • Native Assets & Native Editors
  • Tracking Tools

Haptics Explorer

The Haptics Explorer is a workbench application to highlight the varying features of the SDK.

Haptic Visualizer

Readily displaying the contents of the suit helps with visual debugging.

Impulse System

Procedural haptics for complex effects using graph searches.
Great for impacts, tremors, lightning strikes, and other environmental effects.

Haptic Spherecast

Haptic Spherecast is a vector math tool that evaluates collisions and plays haptics accordingly.
You can define repetition variables to change the texture of the effect.
Great for swords, lasers, spears, arrows, sniper rounds, etc.

Native Assets & Native Editors

Leveraging Unity's ScriptableObject & custom editors to create and edit haptic assets.

Tracking Tools

Utilizing the suit's built-in IMUs to achieve greater presence in VR.
More gifs on this coming soon.
Jon Palmer
Lead Game Developer - Programmer