Happy Pong
The Introduction Oddly colorful, yet weirdly fun. Come take a dive into trip nation. Happy Pong will deliver your daily dose of abnormal in the convenience of a video game. This visual buffet offers a wide array of animated sensory experiences for you to choose from. Whatever happens, you are in for one wild ride. The Gist 4 game modes to mix it up 25 effects to trip you up The Explanation Happy Pong is a psychedelic arcade game with crazy visual effects. Your job is to destroy waves of campers in an onslaught of distortion; fight against the screen as you rack up points. Will you top the leaderboards? The Backstory You are under attack by unhappy campers looking to get up in your grill. Your goal is to use everything in your arsenal along with those leftover ingredients to show them who is the BOSS! The notable improvements from the XBLIG version of the game Major performance improvements Insane effects Better volume leveling and audio effects Removed intro sequence
Anthony Popp
Software Engineer - Programmer
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