Hands-On Augmented Reality with ARCore and Unity
I developed an online course with Packt Publising to create augmented reality applications using ARCore in Unity in May 2019.


  • Set up Unity, ARCore, and Android Studio
  • Know the core concepts of AR development with ARCore in Unity
  • Create a face mask application with sharing capabilities
  • Implement advanced features such as image recognition and face detection
  • Develop an engaging car game prototype with ramps and changeable scale
  • Create an interactive AR poster with a parallaxing effect that reveals a 3D world when touched


In this course, you’ll understand the fundamentals of ARCore such as motion tracking, environmental detection, image recognition, and light estimation. You’ll also learn to utilize this framework to build your own mobile AR applications with Unity. You’ll start by creating a new project and install all the necessary tools to manage, debug, and develop your application.
Patrick Scheper
Field Engineering AR Specialist at PTC - Programmer