Llamakaria a game made with plasticine
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Llamakaria a Metroidvania game made with plasticine.....

About me

Hello everyone, my name is Mario, i'm an artist (sculptor) and a web developer, so Unity is kinda new for me, but i'm learning =D, well, i want to present you this project that i've been working for about 3 months, as an artist i have a lot of characters and a bunch of ideas for a game, and thanks to Unity's tools those ideas that were just a dream, now are a reality.

The game


Before watching the video:

  • I didn't add death animations
  • AI at the moment is very basic
  • Sometimes voices get mixed
  • I didn't add hurt voices yet
  • i didn't add enemies voices nor sounds yet
  • This is a very basic gameplay, just to show mechanics and art.
  • Thanks =D

  • Explore an interconnected world
  • Meet and make new friends, by helping them or just listening to what they have to say
  • Unlock new abilities
  • And explore the world and all it's secrets

Meet Llamakaria...

A female young llama (yep is a she and a llama ;D), she's not the typical hero/heroin, she has no powers, no skills, no nothing, in fact, she is weak, with no talent, and also kinda lazy...
So why is she the heroin of this tale ? simple, she has an eternal problem, she can't say no, and always accepting everything without even thinking about it, that's why she's usually in problems, and one of those problems put her in the middle of this story...


Sprite Shape

Sprite Shape allows me to quickly create decoration and platforms for my levels, and i have more time to continue sculpting :P

2D Animation

This tool is really important for my game and a great time saving, so instead of taking a bunch of pictures to make some claymation, i just need to sculpt a character then divide it in parts and finally use 2D animation:

Environment, a world created with plasticine

As an sculptor i wanted to create a game about my characters and sculptures, i don't draw, nor create pixel art and 3D models. For this game i'm using real sculptures (plasticine).

Some enemies and NPCs

I will be posting more updates soon

Thanks for reading this =D

Mario A. Claymation
Artist/Sculptor, Web developer - Artist
Artist/Sculptor, Web developer
Ciro ContinisioWow, so much work went into this! Nice!
Hey, indeed, it's too much for one person, but i really love what i'm doing.and i can't stop myself x). Thanks for your comment =D
Ciro Continisio
9 months ago
Technical Evangelist
Wow, so much work went into this! Nice!
Artist/Sculptor, Web developer
Thanks (=
9 months ago
Artist/Sculptor, Web developer
Chuck Chuckersonvery artistic
Thanks =D