Hamsterball VR
Hamsterball VR (the title is as much a WIP as the game is) is a placement year project that myself and two other programmers have created alongside another project. It uses the Google Cardboard VR as it was our cheapest option development wise and was a good entry point into using VR since it was our first time. It's a simple game where you are the hamster whose owner has placed you inside your ball and has setup a set of elaborate courses for you, using toys and items commonly found around the house and all you have to do is get to the end as fast as you can! As we are a team of three programmers so as you can imagine we have the classic programmer art in place however in the future it would be incredible to turn the project into the vision we initially had and have documented with also room to grow in the future as the Google Cardboard isn't what we originally had in mind. Better pictures, gifs and gameplay videos to come but progress in the mean time can be tracked via my Twitter and soon my portfolio site (links coming soon).
Phillip Stevens