Download: Hammroll is a side-scrolling platformer starring Hammroll, a hungry caveman with a mean roll and a taste for big hams. The objective of the project was to build a single level within the length of 18 weeks. Our team consisted of 2 Programmers, 2 Artists, 2 designers and the help of several others. This project was created in Unity using the 2D toolset.
My contribution was the character controller. The scripts were written in C# and all of the character movement were translations that would increment up to a top speed from 0 while the movement input was pressed. When the key was released, the character would decelerate down to 0 from the current speed.
If I were to recreate this project, I would have used the physics system Unity provides, rather than coding all of the acceleration and decelerations. This could have also been done just as easily using the input axis in the input manager.
Christopher Tutor
Programmer - Designer
Gerardo j Hernandez
Developer - Designer
Connor Phillips
Game Designer - Designer