Hack 'n' Slash game with Machine Learning AI
Developed 3D game in Unity with a hack ‘n’ slash combat system. Applied Q Learning along with State Machine and Rule Based System. Refining AI to produce challenging and interesting behaviours. Currently working on Neural Networks.
An analysis of the effectiveness of Machine Learning techniques in a combat-focused 3D action game to improve user gameplay experience. 1) Designing and developing a 3rd person fighting game as a platform for the research​. Game design is modeled based on Mount and Blade. 2) Applying Machine Learning techniques to create AI Agents. Reinforcement Learning (Q Learning) completed. Neural Networks in progress. 3) Creating behaviours and optimizing Machine Learning to create a challenging AI. 4) Analysing the effectiveness of Machine Learning techniques in the context of the chosen fighting game. 5) Attempting to provide different difficulty levels using the same programmed AI. 6) Analysing user experience and enjoyment as affected by Learning AI Agents.
Divij Sood
Virtual Reality Developer - Programmer