Guns N' Boxes
Published 2 years ago
In development
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A 4 player twin stick shooter about silly guns and random chances.
Guns N’ Boxes is a top-down single screen arena-style multiplayer shooter in which you shoot boxes, collect random weapons and use special items to unleash destruction upon everything that moves!
Pick up and Play
Learning the basics takes a minute, but becoming an expert takes lots of effort. Improve your skills as you play, and with a little luck you'll achieve victory.
Multiplayer Frenzy
Brought friends? No problem! Up to 4 player local and online competitive modes. Fight for survival and prove your skills against the internet. Outshoot your foes, run for cover and become the best in this non-stop, wacky multiplayer gauntlet of bullets!
A Classic Charm
Pixel Art-style aesthetic and animations made with more love than your grandmother's cookies. Modern visuals with a classic feel that will take you back to the 32-bit era as if time hadn’t gone by. Guns N’ Boxes is some sort of a... "neoclassic" with unrelenting action to sate your thirst for adrenaline in pixels.
Pew Pew
Arm yourself with the myriad weapons. Quick-firing pistols, foe-smiting railguns, exploding hot dogs, magic wands and many other kinds of armaments can be used to wreak havoc around you.
LightArrow Games
Mauricio Figueira
Programmer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British
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