Guns and Spurs
Take the role of Johnny, a lonely cowboy in the wild west, thirsty to take revenge for the death of his wife. Run with your horse in an open world filled with action! 10 'Wanted' missions and 10 horse race events are available. Stylish 3d graphics are creating a great atmosphere. 6 weapons available You can enter buildings like saloon, gun shops, banks and more. You can also buy new safehouses from around the map. The 'Wanted' missions have quickdraw mini-games. Today I'm proud to announce that Guns and Spurs is coming to Android and iOS later this year. Compared to the Gamemaker's version released back in 2010 this one is fully developed from scratch in Unity Engine. You will see is a huge difference in graphics, environments and character animations. It's a whole new game actually. Everything is carefully designed to match the quality standards of today's mobile game graphics. It offers the freedom to explore the old west, together with your horse you can race in horse race events and battle enemies that will stand in your way. Guns and Spurs is now available on iOS ans Android!
Rogkas Athanasios
Developer - Programmer
Developer - Programmer
Guns and Spurs is now available on iOS ans Android!
Developer - Programmer
Unity Developer - Programmer
Looks nice. We want video!
MalberS Animations - Designer
You should share a video!
Mark Morris
a year ago
Game Developer
Reminds me of a game called lucky luke!