Gun Chakra
Updated 9 days ago
Simple Casual 2D Game
Gun Chakra will be a simple 2D skill game with some RPG elements. Target platforms are desktop, browser, and mobile.
The concept of the game is to shoot your enemies by clicking on the targets. The position of the indicator on the 'swing meter' determines how much damage you do - if it is at the edges, your shot misses, if it is at the center, you get a perfect shot and deal extra damage. After beating a few groups or bad guys, you clear the level.
Features I'd like to add:
  • Moving enemies
  • Time and/or ammo limit for clearing a level
  • Enemies that shoot back and throw off your rhythm
  • More guns with different behaviors
  • Talents/stats that affect how your character and the swing meter behave
  • Stretch goals - active abilities that greatly increase your chances of clearing a level, companions that auto-shoot enemies or heal you, and assist in clearing a level