Gummy Food Vs Real Food Challenge Game
Published 14 days ago
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You might have played a lot of food making games but its time to step up for a challenge with your favorite foods. Gummy food vs real food challenge is epic and you will enjoy this game for sure. You will have to pick two hidden food trays in this game one for yourself and other for the opponent. You can even play it as a multiplayer game making opponent your friend. Once you pick two trays one for you and other for your friend its time to reveal what is inside. The one who will get gummy food will have 2 points and the other having real food will have a negative point from total score. The goal to win is 10 anyone of you who will reach 10 first will win the game. Enjoy this real food vs gummy food challenge game and beat your opponent. This is not only a food challenge game but you can also enjoy eating tons of gummy foods including gummy bear, giant gummy candy, jelly beans & gummy worms in your mobile device. Enjoy this amazing food challenge game now!

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