Guilt Battle Arena
A GAME ABOUT SHOOTING YOUR FRIENDS WITH ONLY ONE BULLET! Guilt Battle Arena is a fast-paced gunfight party game for up to 4 players. Shoot your way through chicken rain, dodge exploding cats and lead homing missiles right into your friends' faces. You will laugh, you will cry, you will learn how to escape from flying controllers! 4-PLAYER LOCAL MULTIPLAYER Challenge your friends in 7 hilarious game modes. Pass the bomb before it explodes, avoid the exploding cats or run away from the rocket. Victory is the only thing that matters. FRENZIED MATCHES There is only one rule: winner takes all. Scream, shout, celebrate while damaging your friendship. CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAME Want to spice up your matches? Speed up the game or play with a jetpack. You will find something to amp to the madness. TONS OF COSTUMES Last time we checked, there were 48 costumes to wear! EASY-TO-LEARN The mechanics are so simple that everyone can jump in quickly. Shoot and get your bullet back to shoot again! Though it can take some skills to deal with the frantic rhythm! You better keep your cool. CO-OP The dreadful judge has enslave the world to create its own army. Only the GUILT patrol can stop him! Shoot your way to freedom and develop new tricks to beat your enemies. Alone or with a friend, survive the dreadful judge and his militia in the co-op mode and try to beat your high score!
Verrouil Timothée
Senior Unity Developer - Owner