Grumpy Witch: Emilia Saga
Story-driven, 2D platformer/metroidvania
Welcome to Grumpy Witch: Emilia’s Revenge, a high-flying magical adventure of the most sarcastic sort! You’ll take on the role of Emilia Sorelda vam Quis, a powerful young witch stripped of her powers by the mysterious sorceress Fonelle and marooned on a floating island in a new and unfamiliar land. * Classic side-scrolling gameplay designed by industry veterans: Run, jump, fly, and fight your way through Emilia's magical adventure. * A huge world with many secret areas: Explore seven unique realms filled with enemies, items, and hidden paths. * Multiple endings determined by player choices: Beware - how you decide to deal with Emilia's friends and enemies will have lasting consequences! * Customizable protagonist: Build your own Emilia from an array of body types and outfits. * Colorful hand-drawn graphics: Characters, items, and backgrounds drawn the old-fashioned way and animated with love. * Comical enemies and plot: Who said revenge couldn't be funny? Follow Emilia as she grumps her way through battles with grammar-challenged goblins, self-important bards, muscle wizards, and other spell-slinging oddballs. * Full voice acting: A fully voiced saga featuring talents from popular podcasts and online series.
Zachary A. White
Developer - Programmer