GRR Car Controller
GRR Car controller is fully mine script that simulating car with Unity WheelColliders. I tried to make good arcade and simulator-style car controller. I think I done this.
Flexible system of CSC could be useful as a nice basis not only for arcade project - it also provides a plenty of settings which are perfectly going with more realistic or simulator-like physics in your game. Nice and easy-to-drive drift mule, proven grip runner or even a solid offroader - it's all up to you to decide how every new car will handle on the road!
As a startup you can use four ready-to-go prefabs with unique low-poly styled models representing different car classes and behaviour, although you are not limited to build your own four-wheeled vehicle using preferred numbers that can be based on real ones - you will gain a nice output which won't take much time to be tuned just right.
Car System Controller features load of changeable car settings such as:
Drive unit;
Engine torque curve;
Center of mass position;
Engine sound;
Gear ratios;
And even more.
In this project I created scripts and 3d models of vehicles.
Gumerov Renat
GRR - Designer