GrowMe: Baby
GrowMe: Baby is an innovative videogame based on a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence system called Entity Power. GrowMe is an Advanced Baby “Teaching, Caring and Talking” game in which the infant is able to feel emotions, has a simulated body, learns and memorizes what sees, hears and feels. And, grows, exactly how a real baby does. The steps of the grow are the same as a real baby (checked by the most accredited psychological theories).
GrowMe: Baby is the first game made with Entity Power, an innovative system made by AI models based on twelve years of study in the fields of NeuroPsychology and Psychology. It will be played with a mobile phone (Windows, iOS and Android) or with a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux). The AI studies are revolutionary, and comes with new comprehension of the universe mind-body, following the clinical evidences and the neurobiological studies: the mind can’t understand and interpret the world without feelings, without the body (see the Embodied Cognition theory). Entity Power has been already made, exposes lots of functional tests and some examples in which, as a chatbot, is able to understand questions that any of the current AI systems are not able to understand. GrowMe: Baby is a game for computer and mobile built on top of a Human Psyche simulator, whom uses internally also a Human Body simulator. The game is unusual for several reasons. One of them is, for sure, the fact that it has several goals: 1) Let gamers (more like girls and women) have fun and feels emotions similarly to the ones felt the growing of a real baby or with Talking Tom kinds of games. 2) Let young couples and women arrive to learn much of how to grow a baby than any manual or current baby caring game. 3) Arrive to give the “virtual baby” the basic parts of the human knowledge and start to form its mind. With a base mind, he will be able to form, with other two games (see the previous chapter) and some our further actions, a complete simulated human mind. It’s difficult to describe GrowMe: Baby. It is for sure an Advanced Baby Caring Game, and also an Agent Learning Game. We may tell it as a Teaching, Caring and Talking game, but we forget two fundamental different respect to all the other caring games: it is, at the same time, a Baby Simulation Game and an Evolving Character Game. GrowMe: Baby is also a social game, because let gamers create groups, share posts on the most important social portals. Gamers may also participate on some social competition, to show the best grown baby of the month, or relative to some events (Halloween, Christmas or so). The game starts by the generation of the Baby to care. In order to do that, though, the player has to select the baby’s parents. In the initial version, there will be 5 adults, 2 men and two women, that may become the parents of the baby. Thanks to the in-app purchase system, gamers will be also able to “purchase” new adults that may become baby’s parents, so that they will have the opportunity to have also potential parents of different human races, or with different personality. Another functionality that gamers will be able to purchase will let the player create their own parents, not only by choosing the parts of the body and head, but also about the other characteristics: type of study, traits of personality, height, hair and eyes colours, and other. Each baby will grow by going through some stages. Each stage will be overcome by making some actions requested. After some stages, the baby will grow even physically, so that his/her avatar will change accordingly. The stages are the followings: Stage 1 (week 1 in the game): - The baby started to learn the world through his/her movements - The baby started to learn about the world through sensations - The baby will suffer for the air in the tummy (then the player will act correctly to lower the baby’s bad feeling Stage 2 (week 2): - The baby recognized the player(s) by sight - The baby recognized the player(s) by voice - The baby will have his/her first teeth and then suffer for it Sage 3 (week 3): - The baby answered to the players emotions with his/her own emotions - The baby learns about things by sucking them Stage 4 (week 4): - The baby learned about things by grasping them - The baby will be able to create false words, and do it several times to learn how to use his/her vocal chords - The baby will get a cold. The player will act correctly in order to let the fever go away asap Stage 5 (week 5): - The baby learned that things continue to exist even though they cannot be seen (object permanence) - The baby is able to raise himself up with the help of the player - The baby learnt all the main colors Stage 6 (week 6): ... it continues Other info in the GDD
Giovanni Guarino
AI Innovator/Scientist - Other