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Windows; Mac
Groundfall is a first-person, bush flying, survival game in an open world wilderness setting!

You are a park ranger flying various aerial patrol missions on a series of islands located off the southwest coast of Alaska:

STOL Training: Log hours landing at tight, rugged airstrips and off-airport landing sites.
Fire Patrol: find and extinguish small lightning strike fires before they spread out of control.
Search and Rescue: find and retrieve lost hikers.
Zombie Patrol: Hunt and clear the park of infected animals and humans.

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Environmental Features: - Open world and "endless world" missions - Lush ground vegetation and trees -Build runways by cutting trees and removing rocks -Fully simulated seasonal weather with rain, snow, lightning -Volumetric fogs/clouds -Procedural wildlife and birds
Flight Features: -Realistic flight physics -Airplane damage/repair system -Airplane fueling system -Flaps -Adjustable bushwheel tire pressure -Water assisted landings (hydro-plane) -Upgrade/modify airplane components -Terrain friction (wet grass, mud, snow)
FPS Features: -Multiple weapons and tools -Start campfires -Setup remote camp sites for shelter -Shelter in cabins and buildings -Player damage from extreme weather, hunger, thirst -Hunt wildlife for food -Hunt zombies to survive
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Windows; Mac