Grid System
The GridSystem is a lightweight, but a powerful tool for every game that uses grids. It provides a class library for every operation you want to use on a hexagonal grid. It also has a powerful mesh generation algorithm to reduce draw calls.
1 000 000 hexagon = 1 drawcall!
During the development I always kept in mind that this is not just a class library, it’s a tool. As a tool it has to be used fast and easy! The custom inspector helps you generate your grid in less than 5 minutes.
I hope, you will find this asset helpful, and make great games with it. If you have any question or comment, feel free to tell me!
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Grid Operations
  • Cube coordinates
  • Four grid shape
  • Pointy or Flat topped hexagons
  • Distance measuring
  • Neighbours
  • Range
  • Draw Line
  • Obstacles
  • Mesh generation for reduced Drawcall
  • Works both with and without Terrain
  • Follows Terrain surface
  • Fully commented scripts in C#
  • Full source code (no DLLs!)
  • 2 Example scene (basic, terrain)
  • Loading Bar for generation process
  • Built in Save/Load
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