Grey Concept
Grey is about a tribe of Goblins that were ousted by a rival tribe of Hobgoblins and imprisoned by a band of Orc hunters, In a dark world of grey muddy tones that is met with a galactic infestation of a spore like organism that glows and pulsates with colorful energies. The spores were spread over the world by an comet that exploded in the atmosphere. The Hobgoblins have found a way to extract a potent chemical from Essence and inject it putting them in a temporary mental state of a primal apex creature with heightened senses. One night something happens to Grey, and you notice how things infected by Essence are keenly attracted to you and you are able to absorb the energy. Since Essence has only ever naturally reacted to stone, plant life and animals after prolonged exposure and ingestion, it is unknown what this phenomenon means or the power and danger it could present.
David R Sutton Jr
Game Concept Designer - Artist