Greek Temple
The Greek Temple was created in mind to be our second more ambitious showcase work. Meant to follow up on the Egyptian Tomb and serve as an expansion of the project. The idea was the same, created a pseudo-historical creation with unique concept design of our own creation and making sure there is a consistent theme running through all the models and textures. In this project we attempted to delve a bit deeper into historical research as to more accurately represent certain aspects and keep a high level work on all the models.
The entire work is our own, starting from the skybox, to the cloud particles to the characters and statues. We attempted to give this creation a more open feel with bright lights and very clean and clear design to offset the stuffiness of the Egyptian Tomb.
This too is now in the process of being an Asset Store Package, for others to use in their projects.
Axl Perlman
Game Director - Designer
David Gold
3D - Artist
Modeler and Texture Artist