Gravity Rush 2
Published 19 days ago
A POISE review of the PS4 exclusive to the cult PS Vita hit.


Gravity Rush 2 is one of the most unique and fun games I have ever played. You have the ability to fly with the birds by controlling gravity. You are able to shift your weight, fly around, and toss objects very simply. The world is designed to reflect this. It is a combination of floating islands that are an absolute blast to run around in. All the characters are well written and interesting. The art style is gorgeous, and the music is immediately identifiable and fitting. However, the one thing that will always make this game standout is the wonderfully fun controls.


Gravity Rush 2 is a game starring Kat whose pet, a cat named Dusty, allows you to control gravity at will. It was released a long time ago as a PlayStation 4 exclusive that very few people purchased. The story starts out simple enough with your character being separated from her home and having to deal with the class inequality in the city she finds herself in. Along her journey Kat will meet new friends, gain new powers, and learn more about the new world she is in. She will have to accomplish all of these things if she is going to be able to fight her enemies with her awesome gravitational abilities.


The main issue of the game is that Sony shut down the servers which made several of the cosmetics unavailable. It was primarily a scoreboard for several of the races in the game and a way to help friends find secrets but is still an unfortunate loss. Beyond that combat against flying enemies can be annoying. You will go for a gravity kick and it will move as you fly several hundred yards away from the enemy. Another problem is that the story will eventually go crazy as new elements are brought up. It occurs at its worst at the climax of any particular parts of the story that just makes you say, “What is going on?”


To fix these issues are not as easy as they may appear. Turning on the servers is not really an option given the poor sales and the amount of time it has been since the game released. What they could do is give different ways for you to unlock the cosmetics. As for the flying enemies, maybe help teach the player the proper timing windows on their movements. There are already detailed tutorials in the game when you get new abilities, why not a little more on the basics. Finally, as crazy as the story can be sometimes it is weirdly apart of the games charm, maybe just tone it down a little on the final bosses.


This game is fun, crazy, and one of a kind. The story and world are crazy but feels real through all the characters that you meet. It sounds and looks amazing. There may be a few items that you are unable to acquire because of the server being shut down but the game is a blast regardless. And despite the issues with certain battles and enemies the gameplay is a joyful to fight and just fly around in. This game is an under appreciated masterpiece in game mechanics, world design, and idiosyncratic fun.
Brennan Gillespie
Future Game Designer - Student