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About This GameGravitron 2 is a retro styled arcade gravity shooter in which you must pilot your way through some of the most devious terrains ever devised. Key Features: 40+ stages packed full of enemies and traps 3D sound in a 2D enviroment Online highscores Configurable controls Stylized neon vector graphics Bucket load full of particle effects Dramatic musical scores 10 Achievement awards (Steam version exclusive) b4d347fde0 Title: Gravitron 2Genre: Indie, CasualDeveloper:Dark Castle SoftwarePublisher:Dark Castle SoftwareRelease Date: 31 Aug, 2008 Gravitron 2 Activation Code And Serial Number gravitron 2000. destiny 2 graviton lance. destiny 2 graviton lance catalyst. gravitron 2000 parts. stairmaster gravitron 2000 chin dip assist. gravitron 2 download. gravitron 2000 for sale. gravitron 2018. stairmaster gravitron 2000 manual. gravitron 2. gravitron 2000 stairmaster. gravitron 2000at Like Lunar Lander, except there was a need to plaster it in ♥♥♥♥ing neon. It's harder, though, and what classic game offshoot would it be if it weren't hard?. As I write this review, the overall user reviews is MIXED. MIXED?!?!?! Are you ♥♥♥♥ing kidding me? This game is hard, you absolutely have to use a keyboard and not mouse or better yet a controller. The level design is superb, the sound effects amazing, retro feel/design and implentation is outstanding. So many classic games wrapped into one, do your self a favor and give it a try. It's $5, and it's a game that's challenging in a fair way, so you'll be back and glad you bought it.. Very challenging, mostly due to how mouse control is handled.Some tweaks to handling model would make the game much more enjoyable.As it stands, it is a fun diversion very infrequently.. The reviews currently say "mixed" which is INSANE. Those of you that wrote negative reviews are worthless.Gravitron 2 is one of the 100 best video games ever made. It delightfully merges gameplay elements from Gravitar, Tempest and Choplifter! in one amazing package. I'm seeing people complain about the controls - these people are lazy and probably trying to use a mouse. It's got Asteroids-style controls, buttons for everything. So now it's Gravitar, Tempest, Choplifter! and Asteroids. There's more levels than anyone will probably ever play. It looks gorgeous. It has a wonderful learning curve, things blow up nicely when they blow up and it is THE best retro arcade-style game on Steam. There are some levels where you need to think a bit and some where you can just go hogwild. It also has shields and the ability to get more fuel from the environment, so now it's Gravitar, Tempest, Choplifter!, Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe and Scramble. I'll tell you exactly what it is: a goddamn masterpiece.. The game is fun, but very difficult. The difficulty ruins it for me.. Gravitron 2 is a decade old now and the developer is long gone, but this is still one of the best Gravitar-style shooters ever made.Difficult but fair, with a surprising amount of diversity in the level design. You can download the demo, or there's also a good gameplay video here so you know what to expect.Now a few important first-play tips if you buy this game (which you should):- The default level pack on the main menu is "OfficialPack1." That is the expansion. Click once so that you are starting with the "Standard" pack, which are the levels from the initial release. Otherwise the game will seem very difficult to start with.- Use your shield. It will deflect all standard bullets and is a lifesaver in tight areas. By default it is bound to the middle mouse button; I suggest rebinding it to a more easily accessible key like the spacebar, or use a controller. All controls can be rebound from the options menu, which is available after starting the game. You can also adjust the mouse sensitivity there.- You can land on any flat surface, including walls and celings, and you will not take damage from landing at high speeds, as long as you are correctly aligned.Gravitron 2 is a near-perfect game for me, with only one significant flaw: There are no online leaderboards. There were at one point, hosted on a third-party server, but that server is down for good. Steam leaderboards would be a major benefit, though there is little hope of that happening now.Still, that lone drawback should absolutely not stop you from picking this one up. Don't bother waiting for a sale - it hasn't dropped in price since 2013 and likely won't ever again. Plus at $5 it's already a steal.. Until Retrobooster, this was by far the best cave flyer available on the PC. It behooves every right-thinking gamer to give this a positive review here to get that "mixed" off of there, because it's a travesty of the highest order. The HIGHEST!Although the half-hour negative reviews claiming it's "too hard" are pretty funny. Stay in school, kids.
Tamika Foster