Graveyard Smashers
Published a year ago
Smash pumpkins in a spooky, atmospheric environment with good music & cute characters.
This game was a personal challenge to finish a spooky mini-game in time for Halloween. It features the same destructible jack-o-lanterns & chibi girl from the spooky game we made 2 years ago, but this one is set in a really cool graveyard, filled with cute - I mean scary - enemies & awesome soundtrack (thanks to the Unity Asset store). The enemies kill you upon contact and you can shoot balls to smash pumpkins, and stun enemies.
My progress learning Unity continues, and every day I'm in Unity learning new things and happy to share with my friends. Most of this game was created while streaming live on Twitch. I love interacting with fellow game developers (and game devs in training). :-D I find that streaming live offers a unique experience where I get a chance to share what I'm learning, and at the same time, viewers often have ideas, tips and questions about Unity.
My partner Shade helped me a bit with C# lessons to make this mini-game come to life. Looking forward to more games in the future!
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