Grapple Bear, a hand-drawn, skill-based platformer with a fun swinging mechanic
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Android; iOS
“Grapple Bear! Grapple Bear, does whatever a Grapple Bear does! Can she swing from a rope? Yes she can. Grapple Bear.”
Grapple Bear drops 26th of February in the App Store and Google Play Store.
A skill-based platformer featuring hand-drawn visuals throughout, Grapple Bear is a game where you play as a mother bear on a perilous journey to be reunited with her lost bear cub. The bear moves around with a grappling rope, hooking onto trees, bushes and city ruins to traverse across rushing water rapids, thorny brambles and lava rivers, swinging through the clouds to reach the finish flag at the end of each unique level.
As you progress through the handcrafted levels, the game teaches you to improve your swinging skills and allows you to compete with your own time record by playing alongside a floating “Spirit Bear” figure. Play-testers have complimented the game for its “top-notch” visuals and level design and “intuitive” game mechanic and Touch Arcade have described it as “quirky and charming” and a “diamond in the rough”.
Daniel Prokisch
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS