Euler Circuit
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Teach you a new skill in life that saves time and increases efficiency.

Video Introduction


Graph theory began in 1736, when Leonhard Euler solved a problem that plagued the citizens of Prussia, a town divided by the Pregel river into four districts connected by seven Bridges.People wanted to know if it was possible to start anywhere in the town, cross each bridge once, and then return to the point of departure.Euler proved that there is no such way.The map of the town is shown below.
Euler Circuit has many applications in life.For example, if you are a Courier, and you need to deliver a package to every customer in the whole block, you can use euler road to design a running route, so that you only need to drive on each street once, thus saving your time.
The list goes on and on.It can be seen that having the skills of Euler Circuit is a wonderful experience in life, which is very beneficial.


Euler Circuit is what I learned when I studied discrete mathematical structure. I think it is a very interesting process to find euler's path and circuit, and I often use it in my life.And a stroke game is we often play as children, but at that time do not know so much :-).


  1. The player collects gems everywhere by controlling the movement of the main character, which enhances the sense of immersion.When a gem is collected, a mechanic will be triggered to block the player's return. When all the gems have been collected, the player can proceed to the next level.
  2. During the course of the game, an NPC will communicate with the player, and he will gradually teach the player knowledge about graph theory, so the player needs to learn from the dialogue.
  3. Only players with knowledge of graph theory can pass every level well, otherwise they may fail all the time.Solve the problem from an interesting point of view.
  4. The top left corner of the game view provides a view of the whole map for players to observe, design their own running routes, and facilitate the movement of characters.

Tools and functions used

  • Photoshop cc 2018
  • EasyTouch5 (Plug-in from the Asset Store)
  • UGUI
  • Unity 2018.3.0f2
  • 3dsMax
EasyTouch5 s a great plugin.I use it to move the character quickly.Of course, it also has many convenient and quick functions.

Unity has a great UI system.UGUI allows us to quickly implement the UI framework we want.
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