Grand Theft UoC
Updated 20 days ago
Enjoy a zombie rampage in this up-to-four people sandbox multiplayer!
Shoot a zombie or shoot a friend.
Multiplayer madness up to 4 people in an open world game or team-based match of Police vs. Thieves!

Free roam(Mundo Libre)

Enjoy roaming an ever growing city of people, cars and zombies while you try to shrug them off with bullets! In case you need a bit of health you can always use your cash on the pizza machines on the map and if you don't have bullets well, you can always run over some zombies on the way!

Police vs. thieves(Policías vs. Ladrones)

In this game mode 2-4 players will be assigned one of the teams and the task of eliminating the other. Use the nearest vehicle to drive around and the zombies to your advantage to outsmart your opponents in this team deathmatch mode!

Steal a car!

Steal moving or stationed cars to quickly roam the city or use them as a weapon against your enemy! Save bullets, save the planet!

Shoot wherever!

Shoot anything and see how it reacts: zombies bothering, pedestrians too, cars exploding... Empirical investigation made fun!

Take a break

Recover ammo and life by exchanging your hard, illegally earned money on the machines around the map. An empty tank means an empty life!


Windows PC with KBM, that-t-t' s all folks!

Team Members

  • Alexis Daniel Fuentes Pérez
  • Eduardo Borges Fernández
  • Fernando Núñez Pérez
  • Samuel Valcarcel Arce

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This is master's degree issue, not intended for commercial purposes and therefore the developers see no money. The title of the game is trademarked by Rockstar™. This is merely an educational work; every music used in the videos is not owned by anyone on the team and the artists are credited in the description of each video.
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