Published 2 days ago
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Sommer Blakemore
The game that I played this week was Grand Theft Auto.
The user interface in Grand Theft Auto is very effective, the imagery and scenery could almost tell the entire story of the game. There are small hints along the way of the game, a minimap where the players are able to see surroundings, enemies, allies and objectives the player needs to complete. Next, in Grand Theft Auto there is a Healthbar the health Displays the level of the character's health. Once it reaches zero, your player will wake up in the hospital where payment will be charged for the stay. There is also a vehicle/location/character selection this is where you will see the name of the vehicle and the name of the area that you currently are in, will be displayed. And lastly, the ammunition feature where you will see the amount of ammo you have left for the weapon currently being used.
In Grand Theft Auto there are missions, missions may include finding and killing enemies, getting a car, or ammunition from a certain location and most importantly, staying alive to do these things and complete your mission. There is also modes on the game where you do not have to fulfill missions, instead you are able to practice driving or getting cars, or even shooting guns.
Grand Theft Auto could be improved by making all information easily accessible. Other than that it’s a great game and the user interface was executed very well.

All of the information is presented to the player, there are clear instructions given for every mission. There was no information missing from the game as far as rules, or instructions on where to go or how to get there, but some information was a little harder to find than other information.

The Grand Theft Auto user interface is extremely effective and fitting for the game, it makes complete sense down to the layout.
sommer blakemore