Grab It and Go
Published 8 months ago
In development
Windows; Mac
In Grab It and Go, you are Bopp, an alien anthropologist who is seeking out human "artifacts" to bring back to his homeworld for study. While his ability to phase into and inhabit inanimate objects has enabled him to infiltrate human society as a remote-controlled toy, Bopp has unfortunately caught the eyes of a secretive conspiracy theorist group, and now he has to collect the artifacts he is seeking while avoiding their various attempts to capture him.
This game originated as a Capstone team project for 2017-2018, and even after the Capstone's completion, is still being developed as a portfolio piece with 3D Modeler Joel Landy. I am the programmer and level designer in this work. It is a collectathon adventure game that got great attention at University of Baltimore's Gamescape in 2018.
Ian Vega
Programmer and Game Developer - Other
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac