Gothic II - A Thief's Life (Aus dem Leben eines Diebes)

A Thief's Life

'A Thief's Life' (German original title: Aus dem Leben eines Diebes) is a total conversion modification for Gothic II - Night of the Raven. It offers 10 - 15 hours of playtime in a completely new world. The mod's aim was to match or suceed the quality of the original games in every aspect. Everything is handcrafted and made with a lot of love and attention to detail.
The mod has been downloaded more than 50.000 times, received very positive feedback and was published on the DVD of one of Germany's major PC magazines. It has also been translated into Polish by fans. Polish fans are also working on an inofficial sequel (not sure if they are still on it).

Story and Gameplay

You play a young thief who wants to join a large criminal organisation. As his entrance examination, the thief has to steal an extremely valuable ruby. That ruby belongs to Bonor, the richest man in a remote town. Now it is the thief's job to infiltrate the town and gain the people's trust while preparing his heist.
The mod offers typical Gothic-RPG gameplay with a focus on all the things that made the original games so good: unique characters, a handcraftet world to explore, and innovative quests that can be solved in different ways.

My job

I had the idea for the mod and initiated the development. A friend of mine and I did most of the work, supported by many helpful people. My jobs:
  • Writing (about 90% of story, quests and characters)
  • Most of the 2D and 3D Art
  • Level Design and 3D modelling
  • Project Management


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