Gothic 2 MMORPG
This project is built on an older version of a Gothic 2 mod, called Gothic Multiplayer (webpage:
I only wrote the Lua and SQL files.
This was my thesis at university, but I continued the development for a while.
You can create a MMO RPG with your own NPC, quest and story (this contain examples).
This project was stopped, because I found some bugs, which I can't fix. Sometimes, when someone die (not matter it is player or NPC) the server shutdown.
It is possible, that my scripts is not wrong, because the server hasn't error message about it (or uninterpretable). But it is more comman, if you have bigger ping.
These scripts contain:
  • Account management
  • Character management (character creater, level up, learn)
  • Time (real and game)
  • Friendly NPC (Vendor,Trainer,Speech,Quest)
  • Enemy NPC (animals with AI)
  • Quest
  • Party
  • RP Chat (normal, private, party)
  • World Item
  • Anticheat
The Piranha bytes own licence of the game.
Now it is just a reference work.
Zsolt Sziráczki
Programmer - Programmer