Good Luck Duck
Published 2 years ago
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Fun and Challenging Gameplay That Can Earn Players Real Cash!

Good Luck Duck is a side scrolling tap game that uses the familiar one button play mechanic. Players guide Good Luck Duck through a challenging landscape of golden pillars; chasing the rainbow in search of the pot of gold. With realistic physics and obstacles at every turn, Good Luck Duck is easy enough for anyone to pick up and play, but provides enough depth that even the most seasoned gamers will have their skills put to the test.

Good Luck Duck features colorful retina graphics, high quality sound effects, and addicting gameplay, but what really sets the game apart from the competition is its implementation of the Skillz multiplayer network. More than a means to challenge friends and share high scores, Skillz gives players a chance to earn real money by entering cash competitions matching them against players of similar skill. Current Good Luck Duck players compete for Z’s, Skillz virtual currency, but will soon be given the option to enter the cash competitions earning them real money and other prizes.

Our team has been hard at work creating a game that not only improves the graphics, sound effects and gameplay of the tap game genre, but adds a whole new element, the ability to earn cold hard cash. As players get better guiding Good Luck Duck, they’ll both reach their own pot of gold!

Good Luck Duck Features:
• Colorful HD graphics
• Simple one button gameplay
• High quality music and sound effects
• Skillz multiplayer network support
• Universal app (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch)
Interactive Media Specialist - Programmer
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