GolfTest preAlpha
Updated 2 years ago
In development
Android; iOS
Racing game for mobile devices with destruction and adrenaline. Probably with multiplayer.
You like NFS Pro Street? And Flatout? What if a game can be cool as both games? With a lot of upgrades, cars, racetracks, destruction but with a large amount of fire, smoke, rag dolls, and fun missions. If a game can be cool like this, i made it!
Main features: Realistic car and rag doll physics, Car tuning and upgrades, Car Destruction, Race system, Time trial system with corner cut penalties, In-Development car AI, Race UI with minimap and gauges, Mobile friendly beautiful graphics, Realistic sounds.
Upcoming features: Weather system, More cars, New fun game modes (high jumping, long jump, like in Flatout), New upgrades, Multiplayer, Career mode
Release plan / date: I don't know yet, but may i can make a stable Alpha version in the next 2 months. If i have one, i upload that to Google Play. If i reached a stable v1 version, i publish that to App Store.
Kovács Alex
Mr - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Hungarian
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS