I've develop this game with Eruga Team, for a English School called CNA in Brazil. It’s an amazing mystery and detective game for you to practice English and Spanish. In this game, you are the detective Bruce Banks and investigate the mysterious disappearance of a scientist and of a formula that turns stones into gold developed by alchemists. In order to solve the mystery, you need to interrogate characters and interact with the environment of the game searching for clues. All of that will be done by using augmented reality provided by the Smart Glasses. The augmented reality is projected on the CNA Games Board so that, through the Smart Glasses, you can interact with the elements of the game by touching the board, moving your head and your eyes and the board itself and following the sound cues. If you’re not a CNA student, download the board picture on Google Play or App Store and print it so you can play. The game is also compatible with tablets and Android and IOS cell phones. Have fun! ***Download the Augmented Reality target image at: - What I did: - most of the Models and Textures. - All the Characters (Model Texture rigging and Animation). - environment composition.
Igor Pieruccini
Art Director & Programmer - Programmer
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