Gold Grabbers
Gold Grabbers (GG) is a fast-paced physics based mobile 2D action platformer with classic arcade gameplay developed in Unity3D game engine. GG incorporates classic gameplay from early 2D arcade platformers allowing players to instantly engage in immersive gameplay without a steep learning curve, and fuses it with the fast-paced gameplay in modern action games by placing the player in an environment where they must react quickly to overcome challenges. Players select one of the playable characters (Gold Grabber) to race against time collecting falling golden nuggets while dodging or destroying dropping bombs, crashing boulders, and other pesky cave dangers. Level progression is based upon the number of nuggets collected each level and points are awarded to the players score for collecting nuggets and destroying certain obstacles. Additionally, players are rewarded bonus points for nuggets collected consecutively.
Christopher Stallworth
App Developer - Executive