God s' Margarita
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Android; iOS
GOD S' MARGARITA is a story-telling adventure game which is going to be released later in 2018. The first season will consist of four episodes in which Reniat Noc travels through the vast environments of his homeland to find out who is calling him after hiding in a hole for two years. In the road ahead he is about to find his self into many adventures, challenging situations and the disgraceful facts of war and totalitarian regimes.
God s' Margarita is created exclusively by me (Fürstentum Liechtenstein). The game is still on development and the first episode will be realized later in 2018 on Android and iOS.
You can find a BETA release of the first episode so that you can test out the game play, share your opinion about the graphics or support the development by looking out for bugs :)
3-18-2018 Developing the third episode of the first Season.

Furstentum Liechtenstein
Artist, Game developer
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Android; iOS
Artist, Game developer
Wow! First comment here :) Thank you Tamara!
Tamara Ryan
7 days ago
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Looks awesome!