Goblin City
Updated 2 years ago
A fantasy
Goblins empower themselves by worshiping deity, in turn deity would fulfill their desires. Our goblin desires to fly and sneaks into goblin city...
The scene mimics a walk through the holocaust memorial and tries to stitch various other monuments into the panel.

Resources utilized from Asset store

Atmospheric scattering in the blacksmith
Motorcycle from Brat
Combat character pack:Soldiers
Horse statue
Lion statue
Blue Jay from Living birds
Pillar and floor plinth from Stone Pillar
Bridge from simple wooden bridge
Golden Tiger from Zealous interactive
Volume steam and rain from Water FX pack
Bloom in post processing
Fences and props from Nikolay fedorov's Survival village props
Well from Stylized well
Colonial ship from Nokobot
Helicopter from police car and helicopter
Trees from tree9, Olive_tree
Nishanth Kumar
.. - Programmer