Go Physio
The Go Physio project is a health care application that enables Physio to assign exercises to a patient, that they can complete at home on our custom android devices. The patient’s exercises are tracked in realtime and various statistics are collectected and processed for the practitioner to analyze.
A web portal is provided to the Physio, which enables him to add new patients, assign or modify exercise programs, track his existing patients and view any reports of pain that have occurred during those exercises.
My role on the project was to develop the web portal front end for the Physio, along with a backend server API to handle data. Along with these duties, I created a standalone Unity API that intergrates with the main app used by patients, and the corrospounding backend server API for it’s data requirements.
Furthermore I was responsible for server and database management, and ensuring they are secure to pass HIPPA compliance.
I also created android plugins for the main server app project.
Jordan Carter
Senior Programmer - Programmer