Go Map - 3D Map for AR Gaming
GO Map is a realtime 3D map renderer for AR Gaming purposes. It's really easy to use and customize, just build it on your device and go outside to try! - Or use it inside editor, it works great too =) - Map Materials: You can customize every element of the map inside the editor without touching a single line of code. If you want to override some particular element (church for example) just add a renderer inside the map class and give it a material, it's that simple. The demo scene is already set up and you can use it as a starting point. Flat and 3D style: Demo scene included both for 3D flat style (low buildings) and full 3D with buildings height. Buildings height and Roads width You can set manually the height and y position for every kind of polygon you want (buildings, water, green, etc) and width for road types. Locations preset: There are some location presets inside the Location Manager class that you can toggle from the editor. If you want to use your own coordinates use the custom preset and set the values inside the demo coordinates property. If you build for mobile platform (iOS or Android) the map will use your location if available. Features: • Standalone, Android, iOS; • Online 3D Map; • (new!) In-editor map builder; • Easy customization; • Buildings, Roads, Water, Green, Earth data; • GPS based motion (mobile); • Basic controls: camera orbit, pinch zoom; • Keyboard motion (editor). • Offline tiles; • Faster polygon construction; • 3D buildings style, with roof and sides textures; • Editable roads outline material and width; • New POI demo scene, add your prefabs to the map!; *GO Map - 3D Map for AR Gaming uses the MapZen vector maps API. *POI demo scene uses Google Places and/or Foursquare API.
Alan Grant
Go Map - 3D map for AR gaming
3 years ago
Awesome asset very useful for AR games or map based applications