Gloria Victis MMO
MMO game made at unity engine which is currently available at steam. Non target fight mode, sieges, crafting, and medieval theme. I left this project after 5 years - 1st January 2016. Huge list of my dutes in project and company: company co-owner, chairman of the board, the only level designer (I made and optimize 25x25km world my own), mecanim (players, mobs, server avatars) and objects creator, team manager, optimizations (cpu,gpu ram vram), streaming systems deploy and conservation (texture by amplify textures 2 and assets by world streamer), project setup, assets import, QA (for 3d, 2d, programmers, artists, animators), equipment and in game characters manager, systems designer (code, objects, 3d representation solutions), creating movies and scenes for movies, AI optimizations, navmesh optimizations and generation, weather system designer, and much much more...
Bartlomiej Galas
System, Level Designer, Manager, Shader Coder - Owner
Paweł Homenko
Senior Unity Developer / Unity Trainer - Executive