Gift Of Parthax Ativador Download [serial Number]
Published 3 months ago

Gift Of Parthax Ativador Download [serial Number]

About This GameFollow the story of the purple-cloaked runaway wizard, Arif, on his quest to save his friend’s life. In a world where wizardry is outlawed, the magicians, Arif and his companion Veleus, were captured by a group of agents during their escape from the Kingdom of Duredyll and thrown into the dungeons. One day, Veleus, was sentenced to fight for his life in Atixa’s Grand Colosseum, run by a powerful mage by the name ‘Parthax’. Veleus fought valiantly, but was severely injured and incapacitated following his defeat. Arif heard rumors of his condition and knew the only way to save his friend would be to surpass any opponent standing in his way of attaining the champion’s prize, his friend’s only salvation, the Gift of Parthax.Features:Create and combine your own spells: Discover 6 magical elements and use some of the 29 spells and 37 powerful spell-enhancing runes to create your own style of play. Every spell has 4 rune slots to add effects onto. Add more of your favorite rune to enhance its effect! These many spells and runes provide you with a great number of spell-customization choices.Increase your power and knowledge: For every challenge you complete as Arif, your knowledge of magic will increase, expanding your character’s mind. Every time you gather enough knowledge to expand your mind, you will gain more health, mana and an increase in magic damage.Unlock and learn powerful ancient magic: Based on the morality system’s result of your fights against bosses, you will be able to unlock either Light or Blood magic.Fight in epic arena battles: Survive 5 Seasons consisting of 25 challenges with mythological and magical creatures in Atixa’s Grand Colosseum.Dive into a gripping story: Interact with the colosseum's characters and objects to discover more about the lore, find loot or learn more about magic.Shape the ending of the game: Your moral choices made during boss fights will lead to one of four different storyline endings. b4d347fde0 Title: Gift of ParthaxGenre: Action, Adventure, IndieDeveloper:Foldergeist StudiosPublisher:1C EntertainmentFranchise:1CRelease Date: 12 Sep, 2018 Gift Of Parthax Ativador Download [serial Number] gift of parthax pc. the gift of parthax. gift of parthax gameplay. gift of parthax game. gift of parthax. gift of parthax steam. gift of parthax wiki. gift of parthax review. gift of parthax скачать. gift of parthax обзор Gift of Parthax is a pixel art great game. Storydriven action arena game.. Steam Play-ready enough for a ThumbUp in my book of magic.And it plays fine at 3840x1080/32:9 (though you cannot zoom in/out).Edit: Playable native Linux build in a dedicated beta branch, see for details. I wish I'm given the possibilitiy to apply a second thumbsup!. this game is at the moment (27/04/2019) quite garbage. bad spell-making 90% of the spell-upgrades are chance-based with very low chances and they aren't even that good, also the "ooh you shot? ooh and it's a volley? well hope your aim is future proof because after clicking your next shot will go exactly the same way. and worst of all WTF is wrong with the hit-boxes you hit some stuff while missing it with a mile or "hitting" it perfectly but not really...... garbage. Great game that really sucked me in with it's gameplay and story.The pixel graphics are good, the controls are simple to get the hang on and the music really sets the mood.All in all a great little game that is definitely worth it's price!. Gift of Parthax is a nice little 2D arena game thats great to play if got some time to kill.The combat can be a bit challenging but at no point unfair or unbalance, as you can customize you spells with different runes before each fight. The graphic is pretty nice aswell and very fitting for the style of the game and storie.. Wow. . how is anyone recommending this game? The camera framing is quiet poor, graphics are jerky, there's spelling errors in the dialog, and the character movements feel klunky. Loved the idea, but the execution wasn't great. Don't waste your time.. A great arena game. It is slower paced than Diablo, but faster than a strategy game. The tactical part of the gameplay is fun. Dodging enemies and moving around the areana is important to survive.I've not yet played to the end game, but the first boss fight was sufficiantly difficult and varied to make it fun. Using the different spells for best effect is necessary. So fast ranged spells for flying opponents, and ground traps and summoned creatures for slower walking opponents.I enjoy this greatly as a filler in between the bigger titles.. bought this cause one of my favorite youtubers played it and seemed to have great fun, so i bought it as well....and what a ballache it was. It just felt soooooo clunky and sluggish and not nearly the fun its suppossed to be/what it looked to be, so i refunded the game
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