Ghoulie's Dungeon
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In development
A dungeon runner, using pixel and and voxels.
A fast paced first person shooter in which you fight your way through the endless labyrinth you've found yourself trapped in. Gather the shiniest loot you can find, meet unusual friends or foes, and discover the secrets that her dungeon hides.
There's a big story we'd like to tell through this game, and we plan on developing it as much as possible. We'll keep adding additional enemies, bosses, areas, weapons, and just about anything we can!
So far in development, we've mainly been working on polishing and developing the core game play; we've been testing many different mechanics to see if they help or break the game, obviously we're only going to add the mechanics that help.
In the future, we will also plan on releasing some comics to help explore the universe(s) of Ghoulie's Dungeon!
Ghoulie's Dungeon started out as a small experimental game made within the 3 hours given to us in a college open day. Being fans of rouge-like styles of games, we set out to see what we could make. The end result was a little game called Endless Runner. There was only 1 weapon, the rooms were buggy and often didn't generate well, and the single enemy the game had you couldn't kill. But to us it just worked, so after the day was done we set out to make this game better, polish it up and add more enemies.
As the game developed, we realized this game needed a little more character, and from then and there Ghoulie herself was born, designed to be the official mascot of the game. She'd introduce you to the dungeon, give you your first weapon, and bring you back to life after you were slain in combat.
This started development early this year in 2017.

Layla Grinney
DosWosh - Programmer
Game Languages
English, British; English
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