Ghostly Horizon
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Ghostly Horizon is an intense 3rd-person spell-caster on round planets. You enjoy crazy battles with over 30 different spells, preferably together with your friends in Coop and PvP. Focus is placed on both player-skill and teamwork in this match-based game with quick rounds. Ghostly Horizon is developed by one person.
Ghostly Horizon is developed by one person: Markus Boberg. The goal was to create a Coop and PvP game in 1 year to get experience in Multiplayer Programming with an Authoritative Server and to delve deep with Client-Side Prediction and Server-Side Hit-Detection, etc.
GHOSTLY HORIZON Ghostly Horizon is an intense 3rd-person spell-caster on spherical worlds. In a cute low-poly environment you enjoy crazy battles with 30+ different spells, preferably together with your friends.
Focus is placed on both player-skill and teamwork in this matchbased game with quick rounds.
There is no story to follow and the aim of the game is to have fun and become a better player to be able to defeat the different game modes in a harder difficulty!
And to top the Leaderboards of course!
GAMEPLAY Ghostly Horizon provides intense and thrilling battles with a focus on player-skill and cooperation.Combat feels dangerous and your winning streak can quickly go down the toilet.
​So get ready for some awesome battles and clutch saves in this fun and crazy matchbased game.
2 Main Game-Modes: Invasion and Survival that can be played in both Singleplayer and in Co-op with up to 10 players!
3 Minor Game-Modes: Battle Royale, Conquest and Training Arena where you play either Free-For-All or Teambased PvP.
SPHERICAL WORLD The world in Ghostly Horizon is a round (spherical) planet with completely free and open circumnavigation. There are no borders or restrictions for player-movement.The planet features full day/night cycle with one sun and two moons along with a variety of biomes, including: Desert, leaf-woods, pine-woods, arctic, lakes and more.
PLAYER SKILL All players have the same amount of stats, what matters is how you allocate them to suit your playstyle. Depending on your allocation of stats your character gets adjusted traits such as movement speed, jump height, cooldown time, status effect duration, etc.
This together with choosing your spell-elements wisely during gameplay to accommodate your own personal playstyle is what gives you the edge in battle.​
SPELLS The vision with spells in Ghostly Horizon is that there shouldn't be two spells that work exactly the same. There are many types of spells: Projectile, Bolt, Spray, Slash, Ray, Instant, Self-targeted. All of these types have a number of spells in them and each one is unique. There are 7 different elements with 4 spells each. A player can have 2 elements active at one time, each element has its own style and which ones the player chooses will alter the playstyle of the player.​
There are plans on synergy-spells that will arrive in an expansion after release. The player then gets a unique spell that is a merge between the two elements chosen.
COOPERATION A large part of Ghostly Horizon is cooperation, some game-modes require cooperation to be able to take objectives, others don't enforce it. But nonetheless working together will give your team the upper-hand.​
Healing-spells are designed mainly to be used on your friends, your survivability will most likely raise if you work together and heal each other, before it is too late. You can also work together by casting a boost-ray on your friend to make his spells do more damage, or cast a boost-AoE to make all your allies damage more while inside the area of effect. ​
Fast travel with teleports that are created by 3 or more players casting boost-rays on each other in a circle to conjure up a teleport. It might be risky though, there is a hidden science behind teleports and you might end up popping out of the enemies teleport if you don't know what you are doing.
GRAPHICS Ghostly Horizon is presented in a low-poly style with a mix of hard and soft gradients in textures. The aim is a stylized, beautiful and cute looking game that makes the intense gameplay and cut-throat battles come as a surprise.​
We aim at an effortless feeling with a flow in both world-design and graphics-design.
Markus Boberg
Game Developer - Programmer
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