Ghost Knight Victis
A single-player action RPG about a terminally-ill superhero fighting against Lovecraftian horrors invading the real world.
Ghost Knight Victis is a single-player action RPG inspired by the henshin hero genre (Karas, Kamen Rider, Garo, etc.). You play as a guy whose terminal disease awakens dormant powers, letting him transform into magical armors and fight monsters.
The catch is that his health deteriorates every time he uses his powers. As the player, you need to ensure the main character stays alive until the end of the year, when the final boss appears. You’ll also need to maintain your secret identity and prevent endangering your friends. But standing with you are individuals who are in the same predicament.
I’m doing this solo for now. While I do co-own an indie dev studio, this is a pet project of mine that I do in my free time. Part of this is trying to explain what it felt like having high-blood pressure. Part of it is a reflection on my own life. Right now, my focus is on building up the combat part of the game, as a demo. But it will have a world map with story that plays like a life sim of sorts. The combat is real-time action, but the world map part will play like some sort of digital board game, where you choose what activities to do per day (work on your job, hang out somewhere, do exercise, etc.).
I’m programming the game in Unity, I also do the art. 3d models are made in Blender, and textured in Substance Painter. But I try to use free generic assets I get online when it’s appropriate.
Ferdinand Joseph Fernandez
Former Child - Other