gg Modern Retro Game Music Kit
gg Modern Retro Game Music Kit will help your game stand out and create a memorable experience, providing a unique sound and catchy melodies great for many game genres. Each song uses 3 synthesized drum kits, a beautiful duet of lead and rhythm synths, and bass guitar layered with 2 bass synths all carefully mastered and looped. 9 seamless loop-ready songs and a bonus short loop which is perfect for a pause screen, menus, or some other feature in your game. Files included for each song include: *intros and outros with and without fading (for the songs with distinct intro/outro to provide loop options) *main body loops *full song loops *loops with only the drums and bass *loops with only the drums, bass and rhythm synth *Each track is available in WAV and OGG format. Can't think of a game to make? Let this music kit be your inspiration!
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Kurtis Jensen
Game Developer/Music Producer - Programmer