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Published a year ago
Get Wise! Released
Get Wise has officially been launched on both iOS and Android.
Its a follow app to the Wiseland app. That I worked on I was the lead developer on and was wearing all the hats again. I took all the lessons I learned from the development of Wiseland, All the failures from features that just didn’t work or feel right in Wiseland and used what I learn too not just to not make the same mistakes but too even improve on the things that did work as well.
What’s the best way for a kid to develop bigger thinking skills?
By playing, of course! Get Wise is a collection of mini-games and activities for 3D explorers, board gamers, designers, puzzlers, doodlers, and writers, ages 7 and up. While hanging out with Sophia the Wise and her robot sidekick, Phil, players learn to think critically, communicate big ideas, ask questions, and to be creative. They encounter famous minds from around the world and across time, and get introduced to amazing questions that humans have been pondering for centuries. Best of all, they get to capture and build on their own thoughts. It’s colorful, engaging, and great to share with the whole family. Is your kid ready to learn how to think, and not just what to think?

Download it today! (Links below)
Dakota McCutcheon
Game Programmer - Programmer