Get ready for your first Live Help session
Published 2 years ago
Familiarize yourself with everything you need so you’re prepared to host your first Unity Live Help session.
Familiarize yourself with everything you need so you’re prepared to host your first Unity Live Help session.

1. Make sure your space is quiet

Your workspace should be quiet to ensure a high quality session for your customer and to to prevent any issues around communication. Try to host all sessions in a quiet location and to minimize any background noise.

2. Check your equipment and internet is working correctly.

Before hosting any sessions on Unity Live Help, you will want to ensure your equipment is ready to go. Make sure to test out your webcam and microphone to ensure your audio and video are working correctly. You want to ensure your internet is stable and able to support a standard video call.

3. Evaluate your customer’s problem

The 5 minute grace period at the beginning of every session is your opportunity to evaluate a customer’s problem effectively. Read through their ticket thoroughly to understand their problem. During your session make sure to ask follow up questions to understand exactly what issue your customer is dealing with. After the grace period, only continue to a paid session if you are confident you can help a customer solve their problem.

4. Provide a recap

At the end of every session make sure to provide a quick verbal recap of everything you’ve discussed and the proposed solution or recommendation you’ve provided. Make sure to cover what you’ve discussed and to recommend any external resources if needed (i.e. documentation, assets, etc.)

5. Make sure to follow this list of Do’s and Don’ts.

  • Ensure your equipment is working correctly and your internet is stable before starting a session.
  • Maintain a calm demeanor and be patient and understanding of your customer’s needs.
  • Ask follow up questions if you do not understand the customer’s problems.
  • Ask for attachments, screenshots, or code snippets as needed to help clarify the problem.
  • Do not miss scheduled sessions.
  • Do not ask ask customers to pay you through a third party vendor outside of the platform. This will put you at risk of being banned.
  • Do not host your session on a mobile device, make sure you are using a laptop or desktop computer.
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Nathaniel Ventura
Product Marketing Manager - Marketer
Justin K
2 years ago
Game Designer & Developer
Good Tips! I laughed at the last one, about not hosting a session on your phone. Possibly do-able but super-complicated compared to using a computer. Keep on Creating! Justin @ JustinTime.Studio