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Updated 3 years ago
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This month, Unity and Ludiq are teaming up to speed up your development.
Subscribe to Unity Plus before March 31 and get Bolt for free, forever. It's as simple as that.
Details on the offer are available here:
Since its launch 6 months ago, Bolt quickly became the reference for modern visual scripting in Unity. What if you could create your next game or VR experience without writing a single line of code? That's entirely possible with Bolt. With its native looking design, you'll feel right at home in the graph editor.

Create like a pro.

Use the dark Bolt skin exclusive to Unity Plus.

Discover Bolt.

The next generation of visual scripting in Unity.

Flow Graphs

Flow graphs start with an event and let you do everything you can think of: change properties on components, trigger actions, do logic and math, check conditions and loops, etc. They're the core of your logic.

State Graphs

State graphs take your organization one step further, allowing you to create intelligent behaviours for your enemies, managers for your user interface and progress structures for your game.

Cutting edge workflow

With live editing, predictive debugging and built-in documentation, going from idea to reality is a lot faster.

Extra goodies

If you subscribe to Unity Plus before March 31, you'll also get:
  • 20% off thousands of top-rated assets on the Asset Store
  • 12 months free of Unity Game Dev Courses by PluralSight
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