Get a Life
Real-life MMO - Game Design concept
Initially this project was started for people who want to play with other 420 gamers or be part of an outlet working to spread love for the leaf. However, I believe education is the way to create change in the world. Not everyone has a medical reason for needing a natural remedy. So, this project was expanded into teaching people how to use the tool we call technology to improve their lives, not be enslaved by them.
Funding for execution of the MVP (miminal viable product) was projected at an initial investment of $50,000 and was to be built on the Minds platform. However, the current audience on Minds did not meet expected demographics and functionality of the platform was limited. Instead the project was to be converted to the Mighty Networks platform - The initial design was attempted, with encouraging results, before the project was discontinued.
The domain name is active. Currently, there is a limited example of writing hosted on the Medium platform. I hand created the landing page code using Bootstrap, UnSplash and Brackets. The source code is hosted on Github.
Nique Devereaux
Creative Director - Writer